The Siamese Cat Society
of the British Empire....

the only cat club in England to have been christened by the Home Office!

Founded by the redoubtable Miss Busteed, an active member and officer of the Siamese Cat Club from 1920 and a breeder of Siamese from 1914 - owning the famous stud "Jimbois".
In 1928, following some disagreements within the committee, Miss Busteed made the decision to form an alternative club. A well known figure within the Cat Fancy, she quickly gathered a group of supporters who formed the nucleus of a club, to be known as the Royal Cat Society.

On receipt of a letter from the Home Office questioning the right to use "Royal"in the title, an emergency meeting authorised Miss Busteed to go at once to the Home Office and point out that "Royal" belonged to the Royal Cat of Siam!
One can only imagine the details of the meeting, but all argument proved fruitless. The King had given no warrant and therefore the use of 'Royal' would be prohibited. Miss Busteed then requested that the Home Secretary name her club!!
The Cat Society Of Great Britain   or  Of The British Empire   were offered.
The choices were put to committee, and
The Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire
was born.

The first General Meeting took place at the Andertons Hotel on Wednesday
May 14th at 3pm., a members ballot electing Miss Busteed to the position of Honorary Secretary and Capt.J.L.Coles as Honorary Treasurer and delegate for the GCCF.
By 1930, the President of the infant club was famous author
Mr Michael Joseph
who presented the wonderful Presidents Cup for the first time, that year,
to the Best Stud.
The Second World War delayed the arrangement of shows for some time
the first Championship Show held in 1963.

This year, the club has celebrated its 85th birthday. As active as ever,
it achieves its aims of supporting shows and maintaining delegates. The committee is formed of the robustly strong minded, in support of the Siamese breed.

It is to be hoped that Miss Busteed would be proud of "her" club!